Patron Level 4 (Podcast Partners)

You can advertise your business as a Podcast Partner and reach over 1000 listeners every episode!

For a patron contribution of only $40 per month, you get:

  • Patron Level 4 rewards for Podcast Partners (see below)
  • Your business message, including contact information, heard by over 1,000 worldwide listeners per episode
  • A growing number of global website subscribers and visitors to see your business information and ad on the podcast website

All patron contributions help me continue to bring this podcast to English learners and teachers around the world.

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There you can choose from four levels of patrons, each with practical monthly rewards.

Details about Patron Level 4: Podcast Partners:

This level is for businesses who want to reach students, teachers and language schools around the world with an advertising message.

The cost is only $40.00 USD per month.

Patron Level 4 monthly rewards:

Reward 1. A huge THANK-YOU to your business

  • read by the host once in each podcast episode as part of the transcript
  • includes your business contact information (website, phone number, email address, etc.) and a short message, 100 words max
  • ad is also included in the website transcript on the podcast website

Reward 2. All Level 1 rewards:

  • downloadable pdf file with exercises related to the podcast: Vocabulary, Multiple-Choice and Discussion
  • free Slow American English workbook, digital or print version

Click here for more details on Level 1 rewards.

Reward 3. All Level 2 rewards:

  • FULL Exercise Worksheet – Vocabulary, Multiple-Choice and Discussion questions, answer gaps, line-numbered Transcript, Bonus Material (if any) and Answer Keys
  • downloadable mp3 digital Natural-Speed Recording of the podcast episode
  • exclusive, patron-only RSS feed for the Natural-Speed Recordings

Click here for more details on Level 2 rewards.

Reward 4. All Level 3 rewards:

  • A host-read ad for your school as part of the transcript, with the same message on the podcast website
  • Downloadable, ad-free recording of the podcast

Click here for more details on Level 3 Rewards.

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Hurry! This level is limited to five patrons only!