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Details about Patron Level 1: English Learners:

This level is for anyone learning ESL (English as a Second Language).

The cost is only $5.00 USD per month, which is only about 17 cents per day.

Here are the rewards you get for Level 1 every month:

  • Reward 1. A downloadable pdf file with three exercises for each episode. The Vocabulary and Multiple-Choice exercises help you improve your listening comprehension. And, if you read the free transcript on this website, you can use the same exercises to test your reading comprehension, too. The Discussion exercise gives you ideas to practice speaking English, or you can use the same questions to improve your writing.
    • Note: Level 2 rewards include a FULL Exercise Worksheet, which includes the three exercises PLUS a transcript with line numbers and answer keys! Click here for details!
  • Reward 2. After 12 months of continuous contributions as a patron, you get a free Slow American English workbook. You choose which one! Each workbook contains transcripts, bonus material, exercises and answer keys for a year’s worth of podcasts: 12 episodes per year. So far there are four workbooks, and you can choose a digital or print version of the one you want.

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